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What sets us apart from other dog boarding kennels?


Personal attention:


All dogs in our trust are given in abundance of personal care and attention. We understand the importance of the social requirements of dogs and ensure that they have interaction time with people and other dogs.



Kennel Size and Runs:


Each kennel is 50 sq. ft. (5 ft x 10 ft) with divider panels. We also have large secured runs and 11 fenced acres with 2 ponds for exploring.





We maintain the highest standards of cleanliness. Kennels are sanitized daily and spot cleaned during the day as needed.



Our facility:


Our facility is designed to minimize the stress for your pet. It is comprised of 3 rooms with 8 kennels in each room. There is sound proofing between each room. Each room has separate radian heating. This reduces air-borne issues that arise from forced air furnaces and allows us to adjust heating based on your pet needs. Radiant heating is also superior to in-floor heating as in-floor heating does not allow the dog to escape the heated floor.



In-house boarding


For those small dogs that do not adjust well to a kennel environment, we offer in-house boarding for an additional cost.




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